As  a ministry our vision is to be a lighthouse to all who seek to find salvation in Christ. The heartbeat of our church is our passion for prayer and spreading the word of God.


Through preaching and sharing the word of God we aim to demonstrate God's love to all, helping them to build sustaining relationships with one another and a deeper relationship with God.



We aim to provide support to all who desire to grow in the word, and find refuge in the Lord. We desire for each of our memebers to be grounded in the word, and to also feel a strong sense of belonging as part of our BOLM family.



As a ministry we focus on building up families, marriages and individuals. We look to help our members build strong foundations in their relationships with their families, God and those around them. 



We strive to impact and empower our members, through coaching, mentoring and personal delevlopment training. This allows them to reach their full potential and fufill their purpose in Christ. We achieve this through rolemodelling Christ. We also aim to be the voice of our generation and impact our wider community through various outreach programmes.

Pastor Eric Markey

Senior Pastor

Lady Gifty Markey

First Lady


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