Children's Ministry

Here at BOLM we believe that our children are future ambassadors for Christ. So we ensure to engage them in the word, grow them in prayer and most importantly make church as fun for them as we possibly can. We see the potential in each and every one of our children and desire for them to all become the person Christ has ordained them to be.


We have three separate sunday school classes, which are divided by age. This allows us to provide sunday school material that is relevant and will be useful for each class. 


We have a range of different children's activities to keep them entertained whilst they also learn more about their heavenly Father, these include movie afternoons, dance performances, plays and much more. There is definitely an activtiy at BOLM that your child will love to get engaged in! Our mission is to teach our children to love the Lord and equip them for their later life.


Make sure to stay tuned in on everything that is going on. We have a ton of fun events & classes coming up. Sign up for our Newsletter today! 

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